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Hey there! My name is Dylan Sanders and I'm a Developer, Feminist, Francophile, Piña Colada Enthusiast, and R. Kelly SuperFan. Currently, I'm in love with Meteor.js and Python with special interests in AI/ML/NLP/CV and other acrynoms.

When I'm not staring at a computer screen all day I enjoy music, comedy, traveling, fitness, and painting. I studied in Paris for a year and fell in love with the city so I like to split my time between there, Orange County, and San Francisco.

Also, I love puns and gifs. I hope that doesn't change your image of me...

(not funny, I know. I'm sorry)

Latest Projects

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I'm Home Safe - Meteor

An app that uses Estimote Beacons to automatically send a text to a loved one once you arrive home safely after a night out. I'm Home Safe earned “Best use of Estimotes” Award at BattleHack London 2015.

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Twemoji - Meteor

Twemoji pulls random tweets from a stream and then performs sentiment analysis and assigns an emoji based on the score. There is also a very nice spinning globe made with D3.js

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Hotline Bling Terminal - Python

Python script to display a scrolling banner that reads 'HOTLINE BLING' in asterik letters. If Drake was a programmer, he would run this on start up.

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Pink Scroller - Meteor

A fun little project that uses tracking.js to scroll down the page when you drag a magenta object in front of the camera. It takes the y-axis of the object in the video screen and mirrors that percentage to scroll up or down the page.

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Sticky Notes - Meteor

A productivity web app similar to Trello for organizing virtual "sticky notes" using drag and drop.

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Pysetta(Stone) - Python

A script that will quiz me on a random phrase every time I open a new terminal. It pulls from a text file in the format question=answer so it can be used for anything that follows that structure. For French, I thought it would be nice to hear the correct pronunciation as I learned the phrases so I set up text to speech with Pyvona.

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Calendar - Meteor

A simple Calendar app that allows users to create edit and delete tasks.

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Work Experience

Full-stack Meteor Developer and Technical Lead - Village.fm (Summer 2015 - Present)

I'm a solo developer working for a new music startup that allows users to post songs in a communal playlist and discuss with likeminded fans. I built the prototype and beyond from scratch with Meteor while utilizing the Soundcloud and Youtube API's.

Full-stack Meteor Developer - SWCH (Jan 2016 - Present)

I work with a team of developers to build out a custom e-commerce platform that allows retailers and distributors to purchase e-liquid and other nicotine products not available on Amazon or Ebay. I contribute to the core features such as checkout and user authentication.

Full-stack Meteor Developer - Foodful.ly (Summer 2015 - Present)

I work with a team of developers to build a hybrid mobile app using Meteor that calculates when food spoils and provides users with reminders and recipes to use before their food goes bad. I build upon and add core features as well as implement a variety of third-party smart packages from Atmosphere.js

Full-stack Meteor Developer - Oak.Works (Summer 2015 - Winter 2015)

I worked with a team of two other developers at their development firm, building web apps with Meteor for various clients. I contributed new features and bug fixes to existing projects.

Co-founder and Technical Lead - U-Path (Summer 2015 - Winter 2015)

I co-founded and developed a hybrid mobile app that allows users to draw custom routes on a map that they can then share with friends to help them navigate where Google maps can't. I planned business and marketing strategies with a team of one product manager and two marketers. I also developed the MVP from scratch with Meteor.

Java Class Instructor - iDTech (Summer 2014)

I taught classes on the basics of Java programming to school children in a Computer Science summer camp. I planned and implemented original curriculum based on my knowledge of the language.

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