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Hey there! My name is Dylan Sanders and I'm a Developer, Feminist, Francophile, Piña Colada Enthusiast, and SpaceJam SuperFan. Currently, I'm in love with React and Python with special interests in AI/ML/NLP/CV and other acrynoms. I ran the Irvine Meteor Meetup group before I moved to LA and I love attending (and hopefully winning) hackathons.

When I'm not staring at a computer screen all day I enjoy music, comedy, traveling, fitness, and riding motorcycles.

Also, I love puns and gifs. I hope that doesn't change your image of me...

(not funny, I know. I'm sorry)

Latest Projects

project name

I'm Home Safe - Meteor

An app that uses Estimote Beacons to automatically send a text to a loved one once you arrive home safely after a night out. I'm Home Safe earned “Best use of Estimotes” Award at BattleHack London 2015.

See the code

project name

MarkBin - React/Meteor

MarkBin is a live, collaborative markdown editor. Users can preview changes instanly and share "bins" with collaborators for real-time editing.

See the code or Try it out!

project name

LiveGram - p5.js

LiveGram allows a user to apply any Instagram filter (shoutout CSSgram) to a live video feed from their webcam. My friend / p5.js expert, Connor Peace, and I planned, designed, and coded this fun little app in a matter of hours. Needless to say, we won first prize in the one team hackathon HackCD.

Try it out!

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Weather Charts - React

A simple web app to visualize the weather for the next 5 days in any US city using charts for Temperature, Pressure, and Humidity. Built with React/Redux using Sparklines for the charts and GoogleMaps API for the city view.

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project name

QuickYTSearch - React

QuickYTSearch is a small project built with React using the Youtube API that allows a user to instantly search for and watch videos on a single page.

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project name

Twemoji - Meteor

Twemoji pulls random tweets from a stream and then performs sentiment analysis and assigns an emoji based on the score. There is also a very nice spinning globe made with D3.js

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project name

Hotline Bling Terminal - Python

Python script to display a scrolling banner that reads 'HOTLINE BLING' in asterik letters. If Drake was a programmer, he would run this on start up.

See the code

project name

Pink Scroller - Meteor

A fun little project that uses tracking.js to scroll down the page when you drag a magenta object in front of the camera. It takes the y-axis of the object in the video screen and mirrors that percentage to scroll up or down the page.

See the code

project name

Sticky Notes - Meteor

A productivity web app similar to Trello for organizing virtual "sticky notes" using drag and drop.

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project name

Pysetta(Stone) - Python

A script that will quiz me on a random phrase every time I open a new terminal. It pulls from a text file in the format question=answer so it can be used for anything that follows that structure. For French, I thought it would be nice to hear the correct pronunciation as I learned the phrases so I set up text to speech with Pyvona.

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project name

Calendar - Meteor

A simple Calendar app that allows users to create edit and delete tasks.

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Work Experience

Senior Front End Engineer (React) - Josh.ai (10/2017 - present)

Collaborated with the Design team to implement pixel perfect interfaces

Implemented core features to the user portal (React/Redux) as well as marketing site (HTML/CSS/JS)

Worked with the Backend team to pass and recieve data through our Flask app

Designed and implemented animations and transitions

Senior Front End Engineer (React) - Pex (03/2017 - 09/2017)

Worked closely with the User Experience Designers to bring their designs to life with code

Collaborated with the Web Back End Team to utilize their APIs to receive, display, and manipulate data

Implemented a number of core features and performance improvements to the product that is used by some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry

Actively participated in the planning and iteration phases of core features

Senior Full Stack Engineer and Technical Lead (React/Meteor) - Village.fm (05/2015 - 03/2017)

Led a team of developers to build out a complex, music and video based community web app

Collaborated and learned from the CTO to plan out and prioritize core features to maintain optimal workflow

Completed challenging development tasks on the front end as well as for the back end server code

Constantly made deadlines and exceeded expectations to ensure the app was stable and intuitive enough to handle our 4,000+ users

Senior Full Stack Engineer and Technical Lead (React/Meteor) - Fermentation Farm (05/2016 - 03/2017)

Planned, designed, and built a web app to streamline inventory and ordering procedures for a local Kombucha retailer

Worked closely with the owner of the store to ensure features and interfaces met her company's needs

Saved an estimated 1,000 hours of manual work and $50,000 annually

Junior Full Stack Engineer (Meteor/Python) - SWCH (01/2016 - 09/2016)

Discovered a devastating bug in the e-commerce platform code that would allow a savvy user to place orders for free

Rewrote the ordering infrastructure to fix the bug and make the app more secure

Received praise for my thorough testing and for saving the company potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars

Junior Full Stack Engineer (React/Meteor) - Foodful.ly (05/2015 - 05/2016)

Worked with a small development team to build upon and add core features to complex hybrid app

Collaborated with designers to create sleek, intuitive interfaces

Actively sought out the biggest challenges and delivered on them within a concrete timeline